Malcolm Bray

Author of Light & Dark Fiction

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About the Author

Having spent his formative years in Ashford, Kent, Malcolm Bray decided from an early age that there must be other places. Discovering a similar mind in a girl from Boston, Mass, he finally settled with her in the west of Ireland. Attacked one night by the Muse some time later, Malcolm sidelined an outdoor life (forester, builder, farmer etc.) to launch himself on to the literary stage - well, he's won a couple of things and is in a few anthologies in Ireland and the UK. In the last seven years he has completed seven novels, several novellas and a multitude of short stories. Malcolm's latest novel, Dragon's Tooth, a sequel to The Noise-Makers, has just been published in Kindle form (February 2014).

About The Noise-Makers

Two hundred years after a terminally ill Earth was forsaken by mankind in favour of a 'domed' life on Mars, the red planet itself was abandoned en masse in humanity's search for a new and better world. One of the fourteen vast exploratory fleets, Gamma Interstellar, climaxed its weary journey at the brightest point in Canis Minor.

The voyager's new home seemed idyllic until the catastrophic arrival of the Noise, an unpredictable and devastating volume of sound that was to reduce the million strong settlement to no more than a few hundred within three generations.

Qat Kusha, a fearless and uncompromising young woman, has always suspected that the Noise is something other than a natural phenomenon, and she organises a last desperate expedition to discover its source. But even Qat hasn't reckoned on the price to be paid when she comes face to face with the Noise-Makers themselves.

The Noise-Makers is published by Original Writing, ISBN 978-1-908282-83-5. The Kindle Edition is also available from the author and from Amazon.

About Dragon's Tooth, sequel to The Noise-Makers

After the constant fear and excitement of life on the ravaged planet of Utopia, Qat Kusha and her companions quickly discover that the peaceful settlements of Poseidon are not for them. But when they join the veteran Commander Sharno Cumplin in his ongoing search for the home base of the Noise-Makers, they soon realise that even their combined courage and resources may not be enough to defeat such an implacable and remorseless enemy.

Dragon's Tooth is available in Kindle form from the author and from Amazon.

Also by Malcolm Bray


Malcolm Bray is also the author of the five novels listed below. Until they find a print publisher they will be candidates for a Kindle edition.

A blacksmith in rural England receives a gift of an unknown metal with fantastic properties. Becoming infatuated by both the 'greystone' and its beautiful owner, he devotes the rest of his life to discovering their incredible secrets.

The Piper of Koltachua
A tsunami in the Pacific Ocean uncovers a new and deadly threat to the survival of the human race.

A Ring of Brass
Hunting for a remorseless serial killer, DI Alex Grenville and his Australian partner, forensic scientist Milla Joyce, discover that they, too, have become targets.

The Resurrection of Danny MacNamara
Tracked by both the cops and the mob, Danny, a young American giant, pursues a turbulent life from inner-city Boston to the wilds of British Columbia, and ultimately to the playground of the South of France.

Driving Sideways
After a funeral of a friend, a disparate bunch of adventurers look back at the time they travelled the Irish roads in search of a new life of freedom.

Short Stories

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Malcolm Bray lives in Co Galway, Ireland.